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As an independent, accredited and officially recognized test lab for plant-based medicinal, food, animal nutrition and cosmetic products, we analyses 400 samples every day.

A member of the nature network?, we are committed to ensuring the quality, effectiveness and safety of herbal products, using world class technology and experts.

Discover your green side and join our global network!


“We offer a complete range of services from analysis to approval of herbal products.”


Kick off your career at PhytoLab.

We offer you interesting training in the scientific field to get your career off to a successful start. During your training, we will provide individual mentoring, enabling you to acquire all relevant technical skills without missing out on personal development opportunities.


From the lecture hall to the lab

Here’s your chance to get your feet wet with us. Gain practical experience during your studies. Choose an apprentice period of several months or write your thesis on an applied subject with help from us.


One degree, many ways to start off your career

Interested in putting your ideas into practice? Looking for a company that takes your intellectual contributions seriously and provides support for your success? See our job vacancies.


Discover new professional challenges

Interested in a new professional challenge? How about working at an accredited test lab with worldwide locations that’s part of a family business with international reach? We offer a wide range of fascinating job opportunities in various fields. See our job vacancies.


“Using more than 100 test machines, our laboratory analyzes over 400 samples ever day.”

Expertise and diversification under one roof

Since its establishment in 1993, PhytoLab has made a name for itself as provider of a full suite of laboratory and consulting services on herbal health products, from phytopharmaceuticals to herbal and fruit infusions, herbal nutritional supplements, plant-based medicinal products and dietary foods, as well as animal nutrition products.
We also offer regulatory and technical assistance to our national and international customers.


“Our product range includes over 1,300 reference substances.”

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Our values as an employer

Join us in shaping the future of herbal products.


“Do you need your herbal products tested for residues? We can help you.”

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